The team at RCX Inc is one that was built on family values. President and CEO Tom Swegle began his career in construction at the age of 14 working his way through a series of jobs for his father’s construction company. His start as a laborer moved him upward to eventually operating backhoes and from there, you could say the rest is history, but not so fast.

In 2003 Tom joined with Randy Cochran to build an engineering contractor company from the humble beginnings that Randy and his wife Gail had formed a few years earlier. At the beginning of the new partnership, the two men set their goals on high-end residential construction. Together they earned the respect of a client base that keeps coming back. Along the way, the company grew to a current seasonal employee count of 51 people.

The values Tom and Randy set in place back in 2003 have not changed. With Randy and Gail’s retirement, the company is now in the hands of Tom and his team, which includes multiple employees with years of service to RCX. That team also includes Tom’s wife, Terry, and two of their daughters, Kristi and Lauren.

The company continues to provide their engineering contractor services to the high-end residential market, but they have also become well respected for their work with wineries and other commercial projects throughout the North Bay.

The pride in their work runs deep within the entire operation, from the leadership, supervisors, operators, and the laborers. The work of an engineering contractor company often is out of site once the structure is in place, but the quality of what went under the project is something that will enable the end result to be in place for a long time.

Meet the Team

Contractor of the Year Award Recipient

Each year Northern California Engineering Contractor Association’s (ECA) recognizes a member’s generosity in volunteering, participation on committees, and the number of ECA fundraising events and nonprofit projects in which they’ve been involved. Including the willingness to commit and oversee major projects and manage problems as they arise. RCX INC has graciously accepted the award.